SUV Motability Offers

There's a huge range of SUVs available on the Motability scheme thanks to their ever-growing popularity.

Choose from the following SUV models with Swansway Motability:

Get an SUV Car on the Motability Scheme

There is a wide range of cars covered under the Motability program, from small cars to larger SUVs and seven seaters. It is important to pick a car that is going to work for your circumstances and lifestyle. Motability SUV cars offer a lot of benefits for the individual and the entire family.

Many people feel limited to minivans when looking for a car that will be wheelchair accessible, but SUV cars can provide a lot of the same benefits. An SUV may even offer some more practical benefits that a minivan does not.

SUVs have larger engines and chassis that are meant to give the car more strength and durability. They can transport the extra weight of heavy wheelchairs or other mobility aids or medical equipment needed. They also have a large cargo area, so fitting all this inside the car, as well as anything else the family needs, is not a problem.

An SUV usually has a more stylish design than the minivan counterparts. Some people don’t want to be limited to one type of car, so the variety of SUV Motability options can give people back a sense of their own personality without having to compromise on functionality.

Bitter engines, rear-wheel drive, and the heavier weight of the car make them ideal for driving in poor weather conditions. If your hometown experiences rough winters, or where road conditions are not ideal frequently, then you want a car that will keep you safe.

Picking the Best Motability SUV

There is a wide variety of SUV cars offered under the Motability program. Finding the right one is going to depend on your needs and preferences.

You should start by determining what your needs are going to be when traveling. You should know how much equipment you will need to haul and how big of a cargo area you will need to fit it in.

You also need to talk to your Motability dealer to make sure any modifications you need to make to the car is going to work with the model you like best.

You not only need to think about the equipment and modifications, but also about the needs of the rest of the family. Space for all individuals in your family to fit in the car with the equipment is equally important. If you will need a wheelchair or scooter lift, this is another thing you will need to secure before making the final decision.

The car of the moment is the SUV and you’ll be spoilt for choice on the Motability scheme.

Choose the all-new compact SUV Audi Q2 or what about the What Car of the Year Best Small SUV 2018 SEAT Arona. If you prefer something bigger then there’s the award-winning Peugeot 5008 SUV or the rugged and chunky Jeep Compass.

The Motability scheme offers a very wide range of SUVs so have a browse and see which models will best suit your lifestyle or why not contact our Motability specialist at your local Swansway branch and let them help find you the perfect Motability scheme SUV.

Motability SUV prices correct at time of print; October 2023. For more information, please contact your nearest Swansway car dealership.